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 Invisible Edge Pools

Slowly trickling over the edge of the pool, water falls silently into a trough where it is recycled into the pool. Pools can be made in almost any shape and size. Stone surrounds by others, are easily attached. Over flow preventers keep the pool from overflowing. Interior steps can be added to provide access for specific or general use.

The pool levels are controlled by a panel. Pre-set water levels are maintained automatically as well as drain functions. For pools that will be used, a simple turn of the switch drains a pre-set amount of water. Turn the switch back and the pool refills. Heater, filtration, and water sanitation options can be added to any pool.

Free Design Service

Texas Clear Water Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer a free design service to help visualize the right architectural choice for your building. Send a photo, along with the height and width of the building. Our design engineers will create a CAD drawing of your facility with your selections of steeples imposed on the building. We will be happy to reproduce a large print, suitable for framing. It's a great way to attract donations!

Architectural Columns

Whether you need a one-story or two-story column, our columns are specifically engineered for load-bearing applications up to 35,000 pounds. They can withstand normal construction abuse and are protected against weathering, decay, insects and other environmental influences. Call Texas Clear Water Systems, Inc. today to discuss your design options!

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