About Texas Clear Water Baptismal Systems

Texas Clear Water Systems Inc. has been in business since 1988. The Baptismal System I was engineered and put into production in this year. This system has proven to be the Cadillac of all systems and All except one which was caught in a fire to our knowledge is still out there working! We have them all over the country and Canada.

Dr. William L. Atchison Sr.

Baytown, Texas
President of Texas Clear Water Systems Inc. 23 years

Dr. Atchison comes with a unbelievable variety of background experience. He was raised in Minnesota, the son of a boat builder. At the age of twelve,  he was able to run the mill and built his first boat. He also was trained by his grandfather who was the mayor of his city for thirty years in a small German community, his grandfather was also a master electrician and plumber along with training in sheet metal work. At the age of sixteen, William remodeled his first home, and has been a master throughout his life as a builder.

In his late teens, he was being trained as a Grocery Store Manager and went through all the departments, including becoming a journeyman meat cutter. He then went on to be the service manager of  Marinas in both Florida and Texas. He also became a licensed truck driver and drove for a trucking company. During his college years he worked during the summers as an Ironworker and was the foreman for several companies. Learning the steel erection industry, as well as other aspects of construction, he started his own company in 1971. Prior to that he managed two different mobile home sales lots and also mastered the service side of the industry as well as delivery and set-up.

In the construction business he majored in custom home building and designed almost every home he built. He also designed and constructed  major buildings such as churches, office buildings and even a convention center. He also built a Swimming Pool and Spa business during which he realized that most companies did not understand water chemistry. It was during this time that he decided to become a master in this area and flew to Atlanta to take a crash course under the best water chemist in the nation. It was during this time he was introduced to the idea of ozone water purification and decided to pursue that field as well. In the early 80s he and two other companies were the early industry leaders in that process. Having a heart for pastors and churches, and knowing first-hand the difficulties that came with church baptistries, he decided to build a prototype system for that purpose.

In 1987 he built his first experimental unit and installed it on his local church baptistry. The success was immediate and it was a church board member who encouraged him to build them for churches in general. After a lot of research for the best components in the industry he built the system that still proves to be a long term success called “Baptismal system I. To his knowledge all the systems are still out there working except one caught in a fire. Only one change has taken place since the original and that was to add a led temperature reader to the control. It has been impossible to improve on the system otherwise. 

Being a pastor and builder has made William a great source of counsel in many areas. He also has been involved in buying, selling, and financing real estate for 29 years and combining numerous other ventures, He comes as a person with a vast knowledge of life, business, corporations and industry. This makes him a great counselor in the design, construction of churches and their needs especially in the area of steeples and baptistries.