Series 2000 Baptistries

Design Purpose:

T Models: An off-set Tank to provide more room for baptism!

S Models: The perfect blend of size and economy!

R Models: Perhaps our most beautiful baptistries are round!

V Models: Select your own entry angle!

EZ Models: Allow the minister to stay dry!

LG Models: Largest baptism tank!

M Models: “Modular“ Create your own design!

Mini Models: For limited space!

EZ-P Models: Portable!


A unique, patented* new design style, featuring more generous step treads for improved safety and comfort. (All 2000 Series Baptistry steps were designed with 11″ treads, 7″ risers as required by Naitonal Model Building codes such as BOCA, SBCCA, UBC and the 2000 International Building Code).

The steps flow into the tank area, creating a built-in child’s sep within the tank area

Series 2000 step treads feature a “raised circular disc” pattern widely used in commercial applications. This pattern provides a high level of slip resistance and offers easy cleaning.

The overall design concept of all Series 2000 baptistries maximizes usable space and minimizes space. This approach conserves water, and reduces costs associated with heating the water.


*U.S. Patent Number 5,790,990

Series 2000 – designed with your needs in mind!

Baptistries are available in FOUR standard colors! Choose any of our four standard colors: Blue (our most popular), Aqua (a soft blue-green mix), Bone (light tan), or White. Custom match colors are also available.