Architectural Columns

Strength and Quality

Whether you need a one-story or two-story column our columns are specifically engineered for load-bearing applications up to 35,000 pounds. They can withstand normal construction abuse and are protected against weathering, decay, insects and other environmental influences. Strict quality control processes during manufacturing ensure that you receive a column to your exact specifications.

Easy Installation

Compared to wood or other composite materials, our filament wound columns are very lightweight without sacrificing strength or durability, making installation a cinch. No heavy equipment is necessary. Our columns are custom-fit and require no recessed soffits or ventilation. They can be finished directly with readily available primers and acrylic latex top coat paint.

Savings to You

Our low maintenance and easy installation mean savings are passed to you. Their high impact and UV resistance as well as their non-corrosive characteristics mean many years of beauty with little maintenance.

Large Product Selection

Our smooth, tapered filament wound columns are offered in diameters, up to 36 inches, and heights, up to 30 feet, to fit your particular needs. Custom sizes are also available. Fiberglass Tuscan capital, base and plinth sets come standard with your column. Roman Doric capital and Attic (Ionic) base styles are optional, together with our vast selection of decorative capitals.