The Ultimate in Baptismal Care!

The Only Full-Care System In the World!

  • Heats fast with 7-day automation, week in and week out.
  • Remote control panel for special needs and services.
  • Digital Temperature readout
  • Purifies the water through an ozonation process daily
  • Kills AIDS, Viruses, herpes, Strep and most any hard to kill germs
  • Filters the water and cleans the baptistry daily.
  • Helps purify the air of your church
  • Leave your water in year-round. The system keeps it clean!

Finally, a quality anwer.

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Now with the latest in advanced water, electronic and equipment technology, Texas Clear Water Systems, Inc. offers you the most energy-efficient and only baptismal system of its kind. This system was developed only for baptistries and gives you the warmest, cleanest, safest and most carefree water and baptistry ever, year round for your church.

Baptismal System One: A Non-Chemical, “Total Care” Baptistry System

Fast Recovery Heating:

Automatic Heat Setting:

Remote Command Center:

Non-Chemical Ozone Purification:

Assists in Purifying the air of your church. Lets you leave the same water in your baptistry year-round. Jet hydro-washes your baptistry, helping you avoid oxidation, blistering, and the need to drain and scrub your baptistry.

45 sq. ft. washable filter element with extra element. Long-life pump with dry-run bearings and bushings.

A High-Quality System Built To Last. One Year, 100% Warranty.

Makes ozone out of the air you breathe using only .42 amps., but is 3,125 times more powerful than chlorine. Auto override button for special services or unexpected use of heating mode. Set the water temperature at the command center. Freeze control setting. Override button for special purification needs. System indicator lights let you know when: A) Water is heating; B) Water is ready; C) Water temperature D) Heat auto-override is on F) Constant Run purification is on. Lets you program the system to preheat the Baptistry prior to any or all Services, day or night, seven days a week. Saves evaporation loss and energy costs. 8-15 degrees per hour, 12 ° average