Invisible Edge Pools

Slowly trickling over the edge of the pool, water falls silently into a trough where it is recycled into the pool. Pools can be made in almost any shape and size. Stone surrounds by others, are easily attached. Over flow preventers keep the pool from overflowing. Interior steps can be added to provide access for specific or general use.

The pool levels are controlled by a panel. Pre-set water levels are maintained automatically as well as drain functions. For pools that will be used, a simple turn of the switch drains a pre-set amount of water. Turn the switch back and the pool refills. Heater, filtration, and water sanitation options can be added to any pool.

What? Purification Without Chemicals?


A method using scientific technology to purify God’s way.

The Ozone Process

When God created this world in which we live, He knew it needed a method of cleansing itself from the destructive force of bacteria. One of the processes of taking care of this need is done in the atmosphere when it rains. Have you ever noticed that wen you attempt to water your grass and other forms of vegetation, that it never does as well as it does after the slightest rain? When you water your vegetation with city water, you may even kill your plants. This is because the water contains a poisonous oxidizer called chlorine.

When it rains during a thunderstorm, however, not only does rain water have no chlorine but it had nature’s oxidizer, OZONE. Have you noticed how green plant life gets when it rains? This is because if you could see a plant under a microscope, you would see millions of microscopic bacteria on the surface of the plant, choking the very life out of it. The plant is spending its energy trying to stay alive. When it rains, however, God has produced and is producing Ozone through both electrical charge (lightning) and radiation (ultra-violet rays of the sun), and the rain is saturated with it! When the rain hits the vegetation, the Ozone, with as much as 3125 times the power of chlorine to kill bacteria, does an almost instant act of purification on the plant, thus freeing it to devote its energies to growing and living. Ozone is harmless to life, but deadly to bacteria. Ozone is known to destroy on contact bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, enter viruses, Polio virus, Infections Hepatitis, AIDS, Strep, Herpes, and a multitude of others, upon which chlorine has little or no effect.

This system makes Ozone right out of the air by our highly engineered Ozone generator, using only .42 amps of electricity.

You will never regret making this investment to insure the
safety and quality of your baptismal environment!

This system is designed to be the last one you buy!