Complete Steeples

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Fiberglass Steeples never need painting!

The gel-coat on your fiberglass steeples is an integral part of the laminate, so it can’t crack and peel off like painted surfaces. Our “Armor Flex” gel-coats are extremely resistant to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

Independent Third-Party Engineering Certification

We have had our engineering reviewed and certified by an independent third party engineering firm. All steeples are certified to withstand wind loads up to 120 mph. Engineering seals for all 50 states are available for a slight additional charge. Engineered for 150 mph also available at an additional cost.

Each Steeple Pre-Fit For Smooth Installation

Our  40′ mounted crane stands next to our loading dock, allowing us to check the fit and alignment of each component of your steeple unit before loading onto the truck. This helps minimize costly delays during installation.

Steel Anchoring

One of the most critical stress points on a steeple is the point of attachment to the roof. While others use wood, we use tubular steel anchoring members (not angle steel) in all our steeple units for maximum strength and durability.

Specially Formulated Gel Coats

Because of the uniqueness of our products and large sales volumes, we have get coast specially formulated fo exterior applications. Our low-styrene extra hard gel coasts maintain their color and resist hailstones.